Looking for someone? You’ll find people here based on their role at the college.

  • If you know their name: Use MCommunity, the University’s directory of people and groups.
  • If you know their department: Go to the department website and visit the People section to find them.
  • If you know what office they’re in: Try the Engineering phone list.
  • If you’re still not sure: Check the Engineering org chart on the University’s SPG site.

Emergency Communications & Contacts

(Engineering Leadership)

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Office of the Dean

Department Chairs

MCommunity group:

Unit Administrators

MCommunity group:

Program Directors

Unit Directors

Research Centers

Labs & Facilities

University facilities: U-M affiliated research only

CoE facilities management: Available for U-M and outside research

User facilities: Available for U-M and outside research


MCommunity groups


Department IT


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